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Sohan Halwa

Sohan Halwa,Hubshi Halwa

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Everyone loves it

One very popular Indian sweet is the sohan halwa. PakSweets has been offering rich, mouthwatering sohan halwa to its customers since 2006. Of Persian origin, caramel colored and the only halwa prepared in solid form, young and old, alike, love sohan halwa. It is prepared in the form of squares or disks. Sohan Halwa has its famous vendors in both India and Pakistan (namely Hafiz Sohan Halwa which has been around a long time), so PakSweets brings the tradition of home alive in Canada by preparing and selling the appetizing sweet, only using garden-fresh ingredients and techniques that have been passed down over generations of sweetmeat makers.
The main ingredients in making sohan halwa are milk, water and sugar. The mixture is boiled meticulously for a few minutes, before it is strained through a muslin or cheesecloth, and ghee is added to it. Once ready, the ghee itself separates from the prepared sweet which is then decorated with slivered almonds, nuts and other embellishments like silver leaf paper. We believe in delivering the best taste, with our family heirloom recipes, so all the ingredients are mixed, molded and cooked according to certain specifications. It can be refrigerated but keeps just as well on the countertop, and tastes delightful at room temperature.
We have brought out sohan halwa as one of our foods because of its deeply embedded significance in both Pakistani and Indian culture. Back home, it is often prepared, gifted, or eaten to mark a moment, celebrate a joy such as the birth of a child, or simply on Eid. People rejoice over an intricately design container of sohan halwa, pressing it into one another’s mouth as a token of affection and endearment. We bring that custom alive in Canada so that even in your moments of enjoyment, you’re connected to your home through a strong link.