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Sakar Para

Sakar Para

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Sweet, crispy snacks

The sweet version of Namak Para, Shakar Para are crispy, flaky, and light brown in colour. These are eaten during the days of the Indian festival of Diwali but can be enjoyed with a cup of tea year round. It can be very hard to find authentic South Asian sweetmeats that not only taste good, but also are also freshly prepared, abroad. But if you have immigrated to Canada, fear not for we have got you covered. Any time you crave Pakistani snack food, from chicken and vegetable samosas to shakar para, you just have to come up to our location to buy snacks by the bag full.
Shakar Para are made by preparing a dough consisting of all-purpose flour, milk, sugar, ghee and semolina flour. The sugar is dissolved into the milk in the beginning; the dough is cut into diamond shapes and then fried in ghee. PakSweets makes shakar paray year round, and also sells them in large quantities. This is how our products are served in parties, weddings and are also stocked in grocery store aisles. We are always willing to help out on short notice, and to customize the order according to the client’s preferences.
Shakar Paray, once bought from our shop, can keep for a long time. The key here is to store them well in a dry and airtight place, where there is no dampness or direct sunlight. People like to eat our shakar paray with their evening cup of tea, and to distribute them along with boondi on special occasions. We constantly get orders for shakar and namak paray because we only use good quality ingredients that yield better results than other second rate vendors around. Come over to our shop any time you happen to have a craving for authentic Pakistani, Indian or Bengali sweetmeats.