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Petha a desi candy

Petha is a translucent chewy candy made from the winter melon, more commonly known as pumpkin. This is popular in India and Pakistan where housewives make it at home with sugar syrup. In Canada, we have introduced this sweet to the public and you don’t have to slave over the stove for hours. Should you crave this sweet from back home, you just need to visit our shop to find the petha that tastes jus as good, if not even better. The recipe is minimalistic as well, with the main ingredients being the ash gourd vegetable and sugar.
Petha is thought to have originated from Agra, in the kitchens of the Mughal emperor, Shah Jahan. In order to mark this importance, the petha prepared in Agra is always marked with a label indicating the geographical origin. It can be eaten dry, but some people like it dipped in sugar syrup. Today, the Agra petha is a cottage industry, with many shops claiming to be the only ones, which make the original and pure petha. Since the sweet is very popular now, several variations have been introduced namely kesar petha, chocolate petha, angoori petha. Coconut and nuts may also be added to the petha while making it, becoming a well-loved variation. It is prepared by soaking the pumpkin bits in water that has had chemical lime added to it.
We make petha in different colours, such as yellow, gold, and green. We are proud to be the only company that makes and sells fresh petha in Mississauga, with our well-tried recipes. We receive a number of orders for our handmade petha, and it is one of our very well known products. Come over to our shop and we can pack you a box of sweet and chewy petha candy in no time, for you to take home and enjoy with your kids.