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A crispy sweet treat

Patisa is a South Asian sweet that has several different names such as Sohan Papdi and Soan Papdi. It has a crispy, threadlike texture that breaks in flakes but it can also be served in the form of layered squares. The origin of the sweet is unknown so it is associated with several different cultures. It can be eaten hot, cold, or even at room temperature. We often have customers for Patisa because it is lighter and has less calories than most of the sweetmeats which are very fattening. Moreover, it is also suitable to be eaten by vegetarians. The main ingredients of this sweet include gram flour (also known as besan), all purpose flour, ghee, milk and cardamom as a flavoring.
Patisa is very hard to get right at home since it requires technique beyond the expertise of the home cook. And it can be very hard to find good patisa abroad, especially in western countries. That is why, in Ontario, we have introduced our brand that is dedicated to making sweets with their traditional taste, opting to be old fashioned about it rather than going for the convenient way out. We like to garnish our patisa with seeds and pistachios, cutting it into equally sized square of sweet.
Patisa, having sugar as one of its main ingredients, can also keep for long if stored well in an airtight container. You can buy fresh patisa from our shop any day, and we also offer our catering services for your parties. Our team works hard every week to make it possible for you to enjoy Indian, Pakistani and Bengali sweets, so far away from the region in Canada. Our sweets make their way throughout the World because our customers like to buy them to take to their relatives who are living, not only in other provinces, but also in other countries.

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