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Panjiri (special order)


Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


We will prepare it for you

Apart from the common sweetmeats, we also bring you sweets that you will find it impossible to get from anywhere else. Ranging from light brown to dark brown, with added nuts and fruits, it is made from whole-wheat flour. Panjiri is a special Indian household staple, which has its several nutritional benefits. It keeps for long periods when stored in an airtight container, so it is eaten in the cold winter days. Nursing mothers have eaten this for centuries to improve the quality of their feed. That’s why PakSweets adds convenience to your life by selling fresh handmade panjiri on special demands.
Like the rest of our products, panjiri is also prepared and cooked in a particular way that we have learned and adopted from our grandmothers. Dried fruits and nuts are fried, before being pulsed into a powder, that is then mixed with roasted whole-wheat flour, and other sweeteners are added for flavor. Thought each recipe varies; yet some ingredients that might be added to panjiri are saunf, powdered cardamom seeds, walnuts, ghee and flame-of-the-forest (kamarkas) to name a few. Once the panjiri has been prepared, it is then stored in an airtight container, and sold out to the customers.
Panjiri has long been eaten for its medicinal and herbal benefits. With its good taste, it also serves long-standing benefits that help in the growth of a healthy individual. While panjiri is not the conventional idea of a gift, but it makes a excellent present to a new mom, or to just about anyone who could use some extra body strength. So, call up our shop or come visit us to make an order of panjiri this winter, and eat it with your family to ward off the winter cold and flu. If that doesn’t help, we don’t know what will.