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Milk Cake

Milk Cake

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


A perfect accompaniment to tea

The name can be a bit deceiving but Milk Cake does not refer to the Western cake, but is instead a very decadent sweet made from milk, not very different to the kalakand which also has a grainy texture. Like the rest of our products, we make excellent milk cake, a perfect accompaniment to tea, or simply an after dinner dessert. Milk cake can be ordered any time of the year, in small boxes or in large wholesale quantities to be sold by third parties. We are always willing to accommodate the requirements and preferences of our customers.
The mixture for the milk cake is cooked at moderate heat for a long time before it si allowed to set and solidify in a greased plate or pan. When it has set, the sweet is cut into different shapes and sizes, all done with molds that are not very different from cookie cutters. These sweetmeats are then wrapped in tissue-light paper, and placed in boxes ready to be sold. Large quantities are displayed in silver trays in the shop windows, so that every time someone passes the shop or walks inside, they can see the milk cake and other variety of sweets for the delight that they actually are. If the sight of those golden squares of sweets, displayed under yellow light, studded with dried fruits and others nuts will not convince you to buy a box, then we don’t know what will.
These are eaten on special occasions, since they are rather rich for everyday, but that’s all according to personal taste for they can be eaten any day of the week. Young and old, all, eat milk cakes in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. These can be customized and nuts can also be added to the sweet to take it up a notch, but these taste great with or without nuts. Should you miss a taste of Pakistani culture and sweets, we are here to cater to you and to remind you of your childhood, for we understand your sentimental attachment to everything that reminds you of your country and your home.