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Maisoor Pak

Maisoor Pak

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


A Royal candy

Maisoor Pak (or Maysoor Pak) is a rich, ghee based sweet that originated from the Indian region of Maysoor. Like Petha, it was also invented by a cook in the royal kitchens, and today is World famous. We have also picked up on this trend and make maisoor pak for our customers regularly. The main ingredients of this sweetmeat include ghee, sugar and gram flour while the flavor is accentuated with essences like cardamom, saffron, honey and rose water, to name a few. Like all of our sweets, this is not for the faint hearted for the sweet is drenched with ghee and melts gloriously in your mouth.
The texture of our maisoor pak is just as it should be, slightly firm from the outside but soft inside, and the color is a deep yellow that can also range to light or dark brown. We use sifted gram flour that is cooked in fresh ghee, and is stirred consistently with a nonstick ladle. Once the mixture is prepared, we allow it to set in a greased platter, and cut it into squares once it has set. You may ask why should you not buy this sweet from somewhere else, some other shop in you area, that is nearer to your place maybe? Well, take us on our words when we say that sweet making is in our heritage, and so we know how its done, all the ins and outs. And these are not mere empty claims, but are backed up with the support and ratings of our beloved customers.
Maisoor pak is eaten on weddings and religious festivals. It also has its significance as a sweet eaten on baby showers, where it is popular. The perfect square of maisoor pak should be greasy, dripping with oil and it must have a luscious yellow color. And there is only one place in Mississauga you may find just such a sweet.