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Kalakand a royal sweet

Kalakand is a South Asian milk based sweetmeat, It depends on milk, homemade cottage cheese and sugar for its entire flavor. The final texture is soft and grainy, due to the cottage cheese, and it breaks into crumbs in you hands. Our kalakand is prepared according to the old-fashioned technique, and is richer and more delicious than the rest of the vendors; especially those prepackaged sweetmeats found in large grocery stores that have preservatives added to them. In comparison, our kalakand is made from fresh, high quality ingredients, and prepared using no cholesterol oils, making it a customer favorite.
In order to make kalakand, first we make fresh homemade cottage cheese. We prefer to make it on our own instead of buying it from the shop which definitely has artificial ingredients added to it. The cheese is prepared and crumbled by hand. Then milk is set to boil, the cottage cheese is added to it and it is cooked for quite some time. Finally, the flavorings and sweeteners are added at last before laying the mixture in an ungreased pan to set. The sweetmeat is artistically cut into shapes and squares, depending upon the mould size and the customer preferences.
Kalakand is a special mithai, which has long been a symbol of royalty. Because it is entirely made of milk, it is considered very rich. It is set into platters with an assortment of other sweets on special occasions such as Eid, Diwali, birthday parties and weddings. We make fresh kalakand everyday that is mostly sold out before the daylight hours are over. People love to dig into the sweet, crumbling it with their fingers and basking in the subtle scent of milk. If you want to order kalakand for any occasion, or gift a box to someone, visit our shop and all your requirements shall be answered.