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Kaju Rolls

Kaju Rolls

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Smooth, sweet and soft

Kaju is the urdu word for cashew nuts, which are very popular as a dry fruit eaten during the winter months. These are long rolls, made out of dough made from powdered cashews. These are a popular sweet in India and Pakistan, where these are made and eaten during festivals, and are also distributed among loved ones to mark the cultural significance of an event. We make these the whole year and these are very popular among our customers. Kaju rolls satisfy your sweet tooth very easily, just one of these melt-in-your-mouth delights will fulfill your cravings.
There are different variations of kaju rolls. The dough is rolled out, and is covered with a number of delicious fillings. There is date paste, that can be used to make kaju date rolls, and then people also like to make a filling with blanched pistachios and almonds. The dough is rolled again, to cover the filling completely and yield cylindrical rolls of equal length, cut with a sharp powdered sugar dusted knife. There is also an optional decoration, of silver leaf to make the kaju rolls even more festive. All of this depends upon the preference of our customers, and our rolls can be customized accordingly.
Like the rest of the Indian and Pakistani sweetmeats, Kaju Rolls are also used to symbolize an event of some importance. They are smooth, sweet and really soft. The cashew dough complements the nuttiness of the filling inside, making it a heavenly combination of tastes and textures. PakSweets makes kaju rolls that are prepared using fresh good quality ingredients and hence, they taste better than any other vendors you may find in the area. Our customers adore us, and leave us good reviews both online an offline. You can make your orders in person or via a phone call, so that you do not have to deal with vigorous waiting times when you come to our shop.