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Coconut KalaKand

Coconut KalaKand

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Coconut Kalakand perfect for all occasions

Decorated with dissociated coconut, wrapped in light tissue paper, and rich with the taste of milk and oil, you have the coconut kalakand. It is one of our specialty offerings, squares of solidified milk and cottage cheese mixture, which is decorated and accentuated with nuts, dried fruits and edible silver leaf. We understand that South Asian emigrants are a long way from home. So we want to bridge the gap between two different cultures, and introduce Canada to the rich cultural heritage of Pakistan. We do this by being the proud makers of Pakistani and Indian sweetmeats, such as Jalebi, Panjiri, Barfi and of course the famous Coconut Kalakand.
Coconut Kalakand has the white fruit added to the sweet milk and cottage cheese for flavor. It has a subtle scent from the coconut, and grainy texture from the cottage mixture. All of these ingredients are stirred in a large pot on constant heat. The mixture is allowed to solidify in a greased pan as it cools, and is then cut into squares that are garnished with slivered nuts. There are several other variations of this popular sweet such as the Ajweri Kalakand and the Alwari Kalakand.
We make Coconut Kalakand for all occasions, and it can also be ordered in large wholesale quantities. We always take good care of our customers, so we are ready to make any accommodations for them, be it customizing the taste combinations, or the decorations of our sweetmeats. Coconut Kalakand is rich, indulgent and sinful, and we make the best Coconut Kalakand in town, that incorporates the best quality ingredients that are merged according to a specific precision and technique. Come over anytime, or make a call to reserve your order, and to guide us as to any special requirements, for we aim to serve.