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Besan Barfi

Pakistani indian bengali sweets

Allergy Alert: Our foods may contain nuts. For more information please call us.


Now try it in Besan

As the name suggests, the besan barfi is made from pure besan or gram flour. We make and sell besan barfi in our shop year round and also take special wholesale orders for weddings, birthday celebrations and for selling in grocery stores. Gold yellow in colour, with a soft and sugary texture, besan barfi is one lesser known but equally loved version of barfi. PakSweets makes besan barfi year round because of the huge demand for it, and our customers return to our shop every time to buy more besan barfi, to share among relatives and friends.
Besan barfi gets its flavor from besan, which is what distinguishes it from the other kinds of barfi, which usually don’t have any kind of flour added to them. Besan is fried and cooked before being incorporated with the rest of the ingredients. The mixture is allowed to set in a flat greased pan, and then cut in the form of squares or disks of golden yellow color.
We claim that our besan barfi is much better than the barfi you may find anywhere else. We like to think that this is because we use recipes that are not mere recipes, but are family heirlooms. Our customers taste our barfi and say that our sweets taste even better than the ones they used to eat in their childhood, back home. Not only do people love to eat it themselves, but also like to make presents of our besan barfi. They take boxes of the barfi, to other provinces as well as countries.
Thus, our company is internationally acclaimed with people dropping in and making calls everyday to commend us on our first rate service. We have been proud creators of besan barfi for a long time, and if you do not take us on our words, drop by our shop anytime to enjoy a sample or two.